John Daly's Prostroke Golf

John Daly's Prostroke Golf

Michael has taken to the greens with the bad boy of golf and his Move enabled golf title.

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Playstation Move hasn't made much noise after its launch in September. Sony claim that sales are healthy, but as other owners of the peripheral will attest to, there hasn't been a great deal of quality software to shake your wand at.

It's no secret that Move gives us a lot of precision. And precision is what's in focus when you grip it (the Move controller that is) and rip it with with a golf title that bears the name of the ultimate bad boy of the sport - John Daly (sorry, Tiger you're not number one it that category either).

The implementation of Playstation Move support is superb, but at the same time ruthlessly difficult to master for new players, and you will no doubt hit lots of bunkers, ponds and trees when you first start out. But that's what a tutorial is for - learning controls. The tutorial is made up of a series of challenges where you need to best a virtual John Daly. It turns out he's not just there to keep you company and deliver encouraging comments, he's a rather tough opponent.

John Daly's Prostroke Golf

I will be honest with you and admit it took me five tries to beat John Daly in the first challenge, and at that point I was already cursing this virtual foe, and my frustrations grew as I found out I needed to complete all the challenges in order to open up the tournaments. It strikes me as rather needless to force the player to go through all these challenges to gain access to the main game.

But apart from these challenges and some rather short tournaments, there really isn't much else to do in John Daly's Prostroke Golf. Well it may be a good way of practising that swing, but there really isn't much purpose other than that.

John Daly's Prostroke Golf

This game is without a doubt, one of the better games to test the functionality of Playstation Move with. Sadly it's not thanks to the contents of the game, but rather due to the sharp precision it delivers as it tracks your swing. Everything from placing the ball to club selection is intuitive and takes very little practise. When you are ready to hit the ball you point your Move to a spot on the floor, the game then places a virtual ball there for you to hit. The challenge and real magic is found in the depth of options you have as far as angles and power goes. You can also do a couple of practise swings to get the feel for until you press the Move button for your actual shot.

Unfortunately the way John Daly's Prostroke Golf tracks your motions with Move is pretty the only thing worth mentioning with the game. There is nothing to tell you that you are competing with professional golf players and the crowd has never looked less alive. They don't cheer or move, and perhaps that's the way a golf crowd should behave, but it certainly doesn't create any atmosphere.

John Daly's Prostroke Golf seemed unbelievably good on the surface. The controls are great and inviting, but it gets overshadowed by the lack of things to do, hopelessly dry and uninspired environments and a soundtrack that more or less consists of three lines supplied by John Daly. The only reason to buy this game is to see some of the potential Move holds when it comes to precision gaming, but otherwise I would go for a different golf game, perhaps the one starring that other bad boy of golf.

John Daly's Prostroke GolfJohn Daly's Prostroke Golf
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Fluid, precise controls.
Lacks content, tiresome training mode, mediocre graphics and terrible sound.
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