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Halo Infinite

Join us for the Finals of our Halo Infinite tournament on this evening's GR Live

We'll be hosting the semi-finals, bronze medal match, and the grand finals to see who will be walking away with the lucrative range of prizes.

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Over the past couple of weeks, we at Gamereactor have been running and hosting a Halo Infinite tournament throughout the Nordics, an event that is set to determine the best Halo team in the region.

Following sign-ups closing on December 12th, we kicked off the first round of competition on December 14, and have been seeing elimination rounds ever since to filter all the way down to the top four teams who signed up. With these four teams determined, we're going to be putting them to the test against one another later today, in the semi-finals, bronze medal match, and the grand finals, all to see who will be heading home with a share of our range of prizes, provided by Razer and Microsoft.

We'll be hosting these matches later today at the GR Live homepage, starting with the first of the two semi-finals at 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CET, with the rest of the games set to follow until we have a victor by the end of the night.

You can take a look at the rules for the tournament, as well as the scores from the previous matches here, and the list of prizes that will be available to the top three teams, all at our Halo Infinite Tournament subpage here.

Halo Infinite

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