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The Witness

Jonathan Blow is the latest addition to Gamelab Barcelona

The creator of two masterful games in Braid and The Witness might talk about new projects.

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Both Braid and The Witness are great representatives of their respective eras in indie gaming, and behind both masterpieces is mastermind Jonathan Blow, who in a month's time from now will be speaking at Gamelab in Barcelona.

Even though it's not clear what his panel will be about as yet, Blow's attendance comes at a very interesting point in his career, as other than talking about the aforementioned classics, he's currently involved in two very different projects.

One is known as "Game 3", his third independent work, which little is known about, but should stick to Thekla, Inc.'s "we make tradition-breaking games" motto.

Puzzles for minorities

In parallel, Blow had recently joined Indie Fund, an organisation to fund other indie projects, and in that vein, just a few days ago he announced $100,000 in grants to support puzzle games developed by minorities (women, LGBTQIA, disabled, people of color, etc).

As an official media partner, Gamereactor will try and ask Blow about these and other topics after his talk. If you want to meet him in person, you can register now.

Other high-profile creators, such as Honor Award recipient Amy Hennig or PlayStation legends Mark Cerny & Shawn Layden, have been confirmed as speakers for this year's conference.

The WitnessThe Witness
The Witness and Braid.
The Witness
Jonathan Blow.

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