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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

josesg93 wins first PES League 2017 finals at Camp Nou

Spanish player earns $20,000 USD as the first European champion.

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This year's Season 1 of the PES League tournament is now over. Josesg93, one of the two players representing Spain in the finals, has just beaten E_C_Oneill from the Netherlands by winning 3-1 in the single-leg final held at today's event at the Camp Nou, in Barcelona.

After his outstanding performance, Jose, who's been playing with Barça as team of choice, earned $20,000 and moves on to the World Finals, which will be held as a special event in Cardiff at the beginning of June, coinciding with the real football UEFA Champions League finals.

Jose won't be alone, either, as he'll be joined by the other three best players today; his rival in the last match Oneill (who also earned $10,000), and the other two semifinalists, Ruben-94 (Spain, third place, $6,000 prize) and Lutti-1 (Austria, fourth, $4,000).

In the Welsh city, 16 players from around the globe will compete for a final prize of $200,000 (that's full reward for the winner, then $100,000 for the second and $50,000 for third).

The 12 players who didn't make it to the finals via today's event, as well as pretty much whoever wants to get a ticket to Cardiff, can now join Season 2 of the PES League, which is kicking off at the end of February. After an online qualifying process (in which you can use both PES 2017 or even its free-to-play Trial Version) S2 will have its own 16-players European finals, same as what happened today at Camp Nou, but this time at Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC, at the end of April. Then eight players from all over the globe will make up the 16 world finalists for PES League 2017.

All the matches during today's event have been 10 minutes long, played 1v1 with the PS4 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, with players having their own screen on stage, some space to warm up, and 15 minutes for setup and customisation. The whole event has been broadcast and live-commented, and you'll soon be able to watch gameplay from the best pro matches, along with some insight into PES League's present and future as an esport, here on Gamereactor.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
José Carlos Sánchez, PES League 2017 Season 1 European Champion. // PES League Team
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Jose and Oneill's season stats before today's PES League finals.

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