Judge Eyes is the next game from the Yakuza team

Project Judge landing on December 13 in Japan, 2019 for the rest of us.

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We knew that the Yakuza team at Sega was cooking up something new and exciting, and we finally got to see more of the game earlier today as Sony made a series of reveals via the PlayStation Line-up Tour ahead of next week's Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Under the working title of Judge Eyes (in Japan) or Project Judge (as it's being called over here), Sega has been cooking up a game that bears a few similarities to the Yakuza series, albeit this new game seems like it's got more of a detective twist than the more criminally-inclined Yakuza games.

Judge Eyes seems to put the player in the shoes of a lawyer turned detective out to clear his name, and it's scheduled to land in Japan on December 13. Apparently, it'll be heading in our general direction sometime next year.

You can see the game in action below, and if you're fluent in Japanese apparently there's a demo out now on the PS Store in Japan.


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"We felt the detective style gameplay really complemented what we have come to expect from the main Yakuza series."

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