Judgment has subtitles in French, German, and Spanish

English subtitles are also included on top of the English and Japanese voiceovers, and we're promised more information on the game soon.

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Judgment was only revealed by Sega last year, but since then things have gone rather quiet when it comes to the game. We know it's a spinoff of the Yakuza series with similar elements, but now we also know about language support.

Sega revealed on Facebook that "fully localised subtitles" are coming to the game for English, French, German, and Spanish, on top of the English and Japanese voiceovers. We're also promised more information on the game soon, so stay tuned for more.

Of course there is much shared between Judgment and Yakuza, but since you play as a detective in this game the investigation focus sets it apart in terms of gameplay. That said, you'll sometimes need to rough and tumble with bad guys in combat, and you can do this with various fighting styles.

Have you had your eye on Judgment?


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