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Juliano on female gamers: People want to help you

We spoke to her about how female gamers are treated.

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Last week HP Inc. unveiled a partnership with Team Secret's Juliano, a female CS:GO player, at IEM Katowice (a tournament with Team Secret would later go on to win), and we talked with Juliano about female gamers, and how they're treated.

In her statement about the partnership with HP Inc., Juliano said that "some of the comments I receive online have shown me that people's idea of what makes a great gamer can be very outdated and that needs to be challenged more publicly," and we asked her about that specifically:

"Some people can be really rough on you," she explained. "I think a female gamer can definitely get more hate than a male gamer does [...] a lot of male gamers also get it, so it's not like that, but ours are more sexual, and it's like they want you to feel useless because of who you are and what you're born to be, not like what you are [in-game] and how good you are. Some people want to support, they help, they make us feel good, but many are very, very [cruel]."

We also asked what advice Juliano would give to women aspiring to be professional esports players like her: "I would say always make sure that you develop yourself and listen to criticism, that you always try to get better. There's always going to be people that want to help you, and you should take all the help you can get, and if you feel that you have talent, I think you should go for it [...] don't feel like you're useless just because of the comments you can get sometimes."

What do you think is best to combat abuse female gamers can receive, not only online but elsewhere too?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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