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Juliano: Team Secret's "high confidence is key"

We asked zAAz and Juliano about Team Secret's Copenhagen Games win.

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Team Secret won the female CS:GO tournament at the Copenhagen Games this past weekend, and we talked to players Julia "Juliano" Kiran and Zainab "zAAz" Turkie about their win and how they achieved it.

When we asked about how they prepared, zAAz said: "We practiced a lot and played on our freetime. Like we always do before all other tournaments."

"It was like our usual prep for every event, 5-6 hours a day, starting every day with going through new stuff or changes/improvements from previous practices," Juliano added.

Since this was their second time, back to back, lifting the Copenhagen Games trophy, we also asked how that felt, to return and win yet again. "Amazing, so amazing I can't even put words to it, and confirmation that all the hard work we and I put into it paid off," Juliano responded. "It felt great, can't describe the feeling when you are up stage winning and feeling satisfied by your team performance. [It[ feels like another goal has been completed," zAAz added.

Both also said that the competition they faced were really good too. "It was good, I really liked that it was so so many female teams participating, it feels like its getting more and more teams each year which makes me happy," zAAz said. Juliano also said that she thinks the competition has got even better: "I'd say there was some competition, more than previous events and we definitely saw more teams proving themselves on LAN. Fun to see more teams having the chance to shine too. But there was not enough pressure that we couldn't handle, as we didn't drop a single map the whole event and we never felt like we could lose."

Effort and confidence are apparently the key to their success, according to the players. "I would say that we are all talented players that are willing to put a lot of effort into the game to become better as players and as a team. We all have same goals and that's the key to success," zAAz explained. "I'd say definitely the hard work we put and all the talent in each player," Juliano added. "The girls I play with listen well and understands me and my vision of the game, enough for us to keep our level and work together to get better. It's really a mix of every player and what they contribute with, also our high confidence is key."

Talking about what the future holds, Juliano said: "Well, we will definitely take some time off, got a few individual events and as it looks like next event for the team might take place in June. But we'll see. Otherwise we just got a few online mixed leagues coming up."

Why do you think Team Secret are so successful?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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