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Juliano: "Women should compete with men"

We talked about the partnership with HP Inc., and women's esports.

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Last week we reported that Hewlett Packard had started a partnership with Team Secret's CS:GO player Julia "Juliano" Kiran, and we recently spoke to Juliano about the partnership, about women in esports in general, and she explained how the partnership should have a positive impact on the latter.

Talking firstly about the partnership, Juliano praised HP Inc., saying: "They are really having the same goals as me, which is to get everybody to know that gamers come in all shapes and sizes, it doesn't matter what gender you are or [anything else]. I'm just so excited to work with them."

We asked about her thoughts on women's esports as a whole, and she said that IEM Katowice (the tournament last weekend in which her team, Team Secret, won the CS:GO Intel Challenge tournament), was important "for gamers in general, and for young women who want to learn more about the game, and compete, maybe find other ways than going to their boyfriends or whatever to get into the game, and I think we need it to improve the female [...] skill in general [...] in general I think it's needed for us to grow and get more females into esports basically."

We also asked about her thoughts on whether future teams could be mixed gender, and Juliano said that since there's nothing biological separating the skills of men and women in-game, there's no reason why there shouldn't be, and she hopes to see mixed teams in the future. "Now, women should compete with men, and there should be no difference," she added.

Where do you see women's esports progressing to in coming years?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Hewlett Packard

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