Jupiter Hell

Jupiter Hell "trying to bring the classic roguelike back"

ChaosForge's founder and studio lead Kornel Kisielewicz also told us it's like a "tactical twin-stick shooter".

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Earlier this summer we provided Early Access impressions for Jupiter Hell, so you can see what ChaosForge's game is all about, and at Gamescom this year we talked with founder and studio lead Kornel Kisielewicz about the experience, which is merging a lot of ideas.

"It's about a space marine fighting the forces of Hell on Jupiter," he said. "So we've got turn-based roguelike [...] we're trying to bring the classic roguelike back. It's turn-based, grid-based, procedurally-generated, and when you die you basically lose everything, because we don't believe in making the game easier as you get better."

"It's very much Doom-inspired. Ages ago we played around with the idea of making a roguelike actually a range-based game, and this is something that we're repeating with Jupiter Hell, so yes, the focus is basically on cover, on placing around tactically, tactical positioning, and properly shooting the enemies."

The game is also described as a "tactical twin-stick shooter", so there are certainly a lot of ideas floating around in Jupiter Hell.

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Jupiter Hell

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