The Wonderful 101

Kamiya: "Treat your first playthrough as a tutorial"

We talk to Platinum Games' Kamiya about The Wonderful 101 as he seems genuinely unsure of what's next.

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The term legend is often casually thrown around in the gaming industry, but having directed such classics as Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya certainly qualifies. Gillen McAllister caught up with Platinum Games' Kamiya in Cologne to talk about super hero design, the development of The Wonderful 101 and the future.

Kamiya, expressed he was a little nervous about the reception of The Wonderful 101 as it presents players with something different and he even suggested players approach the first playthrough as a tutorial of sorts and then dig into the game proper on the second playthrough.

"When I developed Bayonetta or Devil May Cry I think users were able to imagine what sort of game was coming out. They had some sort of expectation, but this time with the 101 there are a hundred characters that you essentially have to control and there is no presidence. There are no other games that you can rely on or refer to get some sort of idea what the game is about."

Hideki Kamiya is not directing Bayonetta 2 (Yusuke Hashimoto is on director duties for that), and no with no other Platinum project announced we're left wondering what's next for Kamiya and Platinum - the veteran developer offered little clarity on the subject:

"To be honest I am also looking forward to the future. It's not like I have an unlimited stock of ideas in my brains, so it's really a matter of giving it my all in the game that I'm working on and once that's finished think up more ideas and give it my all again. And it's this kind of process that leads to the creation of our games. Now that the 101 is finished I'm sure that I will start thinking about new challenges and new ideas. And I hope that the game Gods come down to me and give me some sort of inspiration and hopefully I can develop some sort of new idea and something that would be enjoyed by everyone. And last but not least I would like to say that I'm very thankful to Platinum Games. They are a company that really focuses on the creativity on the development team and they really give that flexibility and freedom to experiment and try new ideas. So, thank you to Platinum Games."

Now that last part almost makes it sound as if Kamiya is planning his exit, of course, it could also be a case of "lost in translation". Either way we're always excited to see what Kamiya thinks of next.

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