Kids game wants to help save the bees from extinction

A tall order, but wouldn't it be sweet if it worked?

You know a situation is serious when Morgan Freeman gets involved out of concern, as the actor has turned his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a sanctuary for wild bees to combat the rapid decline of bee colonies in the U.S (more than 50% of all bee colonies in the US have died since 1950).

Now, not everyone has a ranch to donate to the preservation of bees, so the people of Mango Concept have chosen a different method, as they've made a game for children aiming to teach them about the importance of bees and sustainability.

"In BeePopulate kids and gamers plant and design a virtual garden for bees to pollinate," the press release explains. "Gameplay is all about collecting pollen and planting rare flowers to entice new species of bees to come and join in. As your garden flourishes you can take each bee's picture and add them to the Encyclobeedia, creating your very own guidebook of totally neat bee facts."

"BeePopulate is family-friendly gaming at its best with lively and highly interactive themes for players of all ages," it continues.

It's an interesting way to raise awareness about a situation that is becoming more and more dire. Do you think it will help?


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