Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets sword-fighting documentary

This shows how the developers learned the art of medieval combat from real fencers, so they could make it as genuine as possible in-game.

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Ever since we first heard about Kingdom Come: Deliverance we knew that developer Warhorse Studios was committed to providing a high level of historical accuracy for their RPG, set in the land of Bohemia in the 15th Century, and that includes the combat as well as the environments and the characters.

Medieval combat is the focus of a brand new documentary called Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting behind Kingdom Come, a trailer for which you can watch below. This will be free to backers on Steam and GOG since it was a former Kickstarter Stretch Goal, but you can purchase the film for £2.99 ($3.99 USD or €3.99)

This 60-minute documentary records how the developers learned about medieval warriors, including historical martial arts. Czech and Slovak fencers worked with the developers to make this experience more genuine, and the trailer down below gives you a taste of how this went.

As a reminder, the latest DLC called Band of Bastards has just been released, with the fourth drop called A Woman's Lot scheduled to arrive later this year.

Are you interested in the development process behind these historical games?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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