Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's new DLC has launched

The latest story offering is the third DLC drop that introduces us to a merry group of mercenaries, and we have a brand new trailer too.

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Warhorse Studios recently released the latest DLC for the deep RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Titled Band of Bastards, the new content takes the player through a new combat-focused quest line with multiple, consequence-based endings, new surroundings, and a new activity.

The players will join a group of mercenaries led by the notorious Sir Kuno Baron von Rychwald to help guard the roads in Radzig's realm, and you can do this right now if you wish, as the DLC was made available just recently.

While you get stuck into this you might need reminding that the fourth DLC drop titled A Woman's Lot is arriving later this year as well, so this isn't the end of the extra content fans can expect.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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