Kingdom Come: Deliverance's new DLC pack will span 15 hours
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's new DLC pack will span 15 hours

We had an exclusive chat with Warhorse Studios' Tobias Stolz-Zwilling about the DLC coming to the successful RPG, A Woman's Lot.

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The once Kickstarted RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has been a massive success story for Czech developer Warhorse Studios, changing the landscape of what RPGs can do and quickly outperforming studio expectations all while winning award after award. The reception of the game is likely partly because of the studio's passion for the game and while it has already pushed through the one-year mark on store shelves, the game is still being supported with updates, new modes, massive new questlines and DLC (and the tough but rewarding and deep game- and roleplay elements, of course).

We had a chat with Warhorse Studios' Tobias Stolz-Zwilling at PAX about all that's coming to the already massive game, with the two huge questline packs involving Theresa and Johanka being the focus. The biggest DLC yet, A Woman's Lot, will add 15 hours of questline content for fans to enjoy as well as a completely new companion for both Theresa and Henry to take care of and use both in exploring and in combat.

As previously mentioned, there are two separate questlines, one detailing the life of Johanka and what comes with being a heretic in the olden days, but the biggest change comes with Theresa's questline. You see, Theresa isn't just a part of the DLC as she was in the main story, she's a playable character and this fact changes the game in a major way, despite being a considerably shorter experience. Theresa's questline follows the fair maiden through the hardships at the beginning of the main story and explains both her side of the story and fills in gaps regarding the story of Henry.

The miller's daughter/mine worker/potential love interest of the game's protagonist is her own hero in A Woman's Lot and her skills are more stealth focused, with a slice, stab or flying arrow in the dark being her best option in combat. Because of this fact, the Warhorse team is adding a dog companion (Theresa and her dog were originally both Kickstarter promises) to partly help her out of tricky combat situations, keep the enemies busy on the battlefield and for searching for items, people and even quests. Helpful indeed. Worth noting is also the fact that Kickstarter backers and early supporters of the game will be getting the DLC for free.

Check out the interview down below (although there are a couple of story spoilers, be warned) and tell us what you're most excited about in regards to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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