Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III getting ReMIND DLC

Tetsuya Nomura revealed the news during a Kingdom Hearts concert in Japan, and the expansion will give us new bosses and episodes.

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If you've finished Kingdom Hearts III but are still itching for more content from the game, then there's good news, as Twitter user aibo_ac7 has brought us the news that a DLC called ReMIND is on the way (as reported in English by Siliconera).

This was announced by none other than the game's director Tetsuya Nomura during a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres concert in Tokyo, who revealed that this is pretty much like a "Final Mix" with a new scenario called ReMIND. We'll get to see a limited episode, a secret episode, new bosses, and an English language option for Japanese players to enjoy, bolstering the content offering for the game.

Just last week we reported on the Critical Mode update for Kingdom Hearts III as well, so those who want an extra challenge have that option to enjoy too.

Have you finished the base game yet?

Kingdom Hearts III

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