Death Stranding

Kojima's new office rendered with Death Stranding engine

The new engine's impressive results shared by Kojima.

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The new Decima Engine was recently announced as the cutting-edge technology powering PS4-focused games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, new Killzone projects, and Kojima Productions' Death Stranding. The tech is being developed by the minds at Guerrilla Games, and it is so core to the Japanese creator's new project that Kojima Productions is setting up a satellite team in Amsterdam to work with the Dutch studio.

As a first sample of what Decima can do, and just days after Death Stranding's new trailer, Kojima himself has tweeted a couple of posts with screenshots showing of the new engine's capabilities. There's both a funny recreation of Kojima Productions' new meeting room (can you spot the tank?) and a handful of render samples taken from the in-engine trailer creation:

"Kojima Production's meeting room reproduced by Decima engine that was introduced at PSX on 12/3."

Death StrandingDeath Stranding
Death StrandingDeath Stranding

"This ones are the background shots from the teaser trailer running by Decima engine introduced at PSX. Only the lighting and the texture."

Death StrandingDeath Stranding
Death StrandingDeath Stranding

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