Konami's profit dips due to "increased production costs"

Konami's gaming division recently saw a dip in profit due to increased production costs of new titles.

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At the moment, a decent amount of rumours are swirling around, making the case that Konami is currently developing a few new big-budget titles set in the Silent Hill universe. This comes after several years of the decreased output of larger-scale titles, as the focus primarily has been mobile games and Pachinko machines for the Japanese market.

And while their latest quarterly report offered neither a confirmation nor denial of the rumours, we do know that Konami has increased their spending in development.

In their financial statement Konami revealed that their gaming division did see a dip in profits, but that this is mostly due to them getting an "increase of production costs for new titles and research and development costs." While it's possible that they simply are relegating more funds to the annual PES game, it would seem more likely that Konami is increasing its output of games.

Konami has also revealed, that they currently are considering ways to bring Silent Hill back, and are currently listening to player feedback.

Konami's profit dips due to "increased production costs"

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