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Kratos was not misogynistic, says original God of War creator

God of War's Kratos was NEVER misogynistic, says the director of the original game in response to a new article about the origins of the character.

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The God of War saga started in 2005 on the old PS2, and that game was directed by industry veteran David Jaffe. In 2018, however, the series got a new fresh start in PS4-exclusive God of War, and that game's story was very different compared to those in previous entries in the series.

Much has been made of the attitude of those early games towards women, and now Inverse has published an article about the series that states that in those original games, Kratos was "misogynistic" and "toxic" (among other things).

However, in response to this article, David Jaffe, who was the director on the original game, commented on Twitter, saying that Kratos has never been a misogynist.

"I must continually state that Kratos was NEVER a misogynist in GOD OF WAR 1. Like AT ALL. And it pisses me off 'journalists' continue to retcon that game in order to justify the thesis of their GOD OF WAR 2018 stories."

Jaffe continues to explain why the sexual nature of the first game shouldn't be considered misogynistic, and whether you agree with him or not, he certainly argues the case for Kratos.

God of War

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