Kung-Fu High Impact

Kung Fu High Impact on Kinect

Virtual Air Guitar Company are back.

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Virtual Air Guitar Company, the folks behind Kung-Fu Live are back with more Kung Fu action, but this time their martial arts are coming to Xbox 360 and Kinect. Kung Fu High Impact is a side-scrolling beat 'em up that makes use of the Kinect for controls. The game will be published by UTV Ignition Games.

Virtual Air Guitar Company's Teemu Mäki-Patola had the following to say in the press release:

"I'm extremely excited to announce Kung-Fu High Impact and the cooperation between our companies. Whether you are looking to feel epic by smashing immediately responsive enemies through the air, brawl against your friends and family, or simply get a six-pack into the works while having fun, Kung-Fu High Impact will be ready to put you into the action."

UTV Ignition's Lokesh Dhar, added:

"Kinect for Xbox 360 truly allows developers to push the game-design envelope with completely new gameplay concepts that appeal to a wide variety of players, and we're elated to work with Black Bean Games and Virtual Air Guitar Company to bring this riotously enjoyable, family-friendly romp to living rooms across the Americas this fall."

Kung-Fu High Impact
Kung-Fu High Impact
Kung-Fu High Impact

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