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LA Gladiators fine iRemiix for homophobic on-stream slur

This money will go towards the LA LGBT Center.

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The Overwatch League is no stranger to disciplining players for bad behaviour, which extends to the organisations the players represent, and now Los Angeles Gladiators have revealed that they've fined Luis 'iRemiix' Galarza Figueroa $2,000 USD for using a homophobic slur on-stream, with the money donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

"The Overwatch League was created to be inclusive of all people, regardless of gender, race, orientation, or any other differences," the statement from the team reads. "The LA Gladiators are committed to that vision and take this matter seriously."

Since that post iRemiix has released his own statement apologising for his actions, but this goes to show yet again that the Overwatch League and its teams won't tolerate people misbehaving or putting the competition into disrepute, something we discussed in our article about the behaviour of esports stars.

Do you think this is a fitting punishment?

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