Let it Die

Latest details on Let it Die: "eat frogs and activate abilities"

New screens, gameplay and story intel, but no release date.

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Over the last few weeks Let it Die has released a bunch of new development diaries, screenshots from the latest build and some other materials, and now the game has had its official page opened on the PlayStation site. Considering GungHo and Grasshopper were planning on launching the F2P title exclusively on PS4 before year's end, all signs points to an imminent release date announcement. But that hasn't happened yet.

Instead, the new site compiles a bunch of screens such as the ones available below, along with a series of interesting descriptions for both fans and newcomers who perhaps don't have very clear how this "hyper-violent hack-and-slash action experience with roguelike elements" will play.

Developers explain you actually "begin your journey in your underwear and survive by any means necessary while taking advice from Uncle Death, a skateboarding reaper", then collect weapons and armour from fallen enemies, while survival and character progression is done by eating "mushrooms, frogs, and other odd creatures to keep your strength up or activate special abilities". The site describes both the setting (Tower of Barbs in post-apocalyptic Tokyo) and some detailed gameplay mechanics such as looting, crafting, combat and the not exactly permadeath system chosen for the online game.

We expect LiD's launch date to be announced within the next few days. For more on the game and its unique indie music, check out our previous Akira Yamaoka interview right after the new screen gallery. What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Let it DieLet it Die
Let it DieLet it Die
Let it DieLet it Die
Let it DieLet it Die

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