The Last of Us: Part II

Laura Bailey details a scene cut from The Last of Us: Part II

A scene cut from the final game was supposed to offer a better background for Abby.

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SPOILERS: If you haven't finished The Last of Us: Part II, you might consider some of the info below as spoilers.

Laura Bailey did a phenomenal job in portraying the role of Abby. Laura Bailey recently gave an interview to former journalist and current Youtuber Greg Miller, from Kinda Funny, and in the conversation, the actress revealed some interesting details about Abby's past.

Bailey said some scenes ended up being cut from the game, referring to Abby's flashbacks in particular. In these sequences, the player would get to know how Abby and friends went from the Fireflies to the WLF, and it would also deepen Abby's relationship with the faction's leader, Isaac.

Isaac was also a Firefly, and apparently a close friend of Abby's father, making him feel obligated to take his daughter under his wing. Laura Bailey even mentions that Isaac became something of a father figure to Abby, a detail that is not obvious in the final game. This connection was supposed to give greater impact to Abby's confrontation with Isaac, which in the game itself turns out to be somewhat rushed and of little significance.

In addition to these details, Laura Bailey also mentions how she dealt with all the 'hatred' she's received since the game's release, details the capture process, and reveals a few more details on the story. To watch the full interview, click here.

The Last of Us: Part IIThe Last of Us: Part II

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