League of Legends Fantasy not returning for summer split
League of Legends

League of Legends Fantasy not returning for summer split

Riot has explained why this is the case, and what's been going on with rehauling Fantasy and how it works.

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If you were hoping for the Fantasy feature for League of Legends esports to return in the summer split, there's bad news, as the game's site has revealed that won't be the case, although there are hopes to make sure something is in place for spring next year.

"The solve for Fantasy is not to find a new place to run the same product. We've spent the last year talking to partners about big and bold plans. Our goal was - and continues to be - to put out a Fantasy experience that we're proud to stand behind and to have you play. However, the thing with taking big swings is that sometimes you miss your mark."

"It was obvious to us that the Fantasy Product we had in Summer 2018 needed an overhaul. Simply finding a replacement wasn't going to cut it. There were lots of comments on Reddit and Twitter about all the small services that could run a basic fantasy game, but that's not what we are looking for. We have had long discussions over the past year with big fantasy providers and daily fantasy providers, as well as companies that are in the League community and could develop fantasy as a companion to their existing products. None of these have been a fit. Some groups didn't think they could rebuild the user base, some wanted a lot of money to try, and others wanted to move to different fantasy models that we didn't think would have good long term appeal."

For the full Q&A on what's going on with Fantasy, head this way. Are you disappointed by this news?

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