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League of Legends will be getting a practice pool

After saying they wouldn't, Riot games have confirmed they're making one.

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Riot Games have announced that they are working on a practice pool, a year after saying that wasn't something they were interested in. Their change of heart, they claim, comes from player feedback, as well as the fact that they want League of Legends to be a competitive game for a long time and places to train are what players need.

The post starts by addressing their change of direction in detail. "A year ago, we shot ourselves in the foot with our first attempt at Riot Pls, where we talked about the things we were and weren't working on. Back then we said that a practice tool—an environment where you could train solo, without restraints—wasn't something we wanted to do. You disagreed, and we heard you. Six months ago, we walked back on our decision to nix a practice tool, but also realised we needed to make more progress on the client update before we could invest in developing new features. So, we said we'd give an update when we began tangible, focused work."

They also outlined their idea regarding the practice pool: "Our initial approach with a practice tool is going to be low-scope, simple, and straightforward—close to a punching bag and weights for practicing execution. We are doing our best to make this tool inclusive to people at every level. Everyone from Bronze to Challenger should see value in a single-player training mode to practice mechanics and map movement, but we're currently not looking to develop a multiplayer training tool for organised team drills or pro-play specifically. Once we get the first version out, we'll pay close attention to see if we missed anything in terms of how to become better by yourself." The key features included in this are infinite gold, the ability to reset cooldowns, locking your level and freezing minion spawns.

More information about the practice tool can be found here, but Riot Games have said that they've only just started work on it, so don't expect it any time soon. Is this the right choice, considering League of Legends' status as a competitive game? Will this give players a suitable place to train?

League of Legends

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