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Learning more about LG's 2022 monitors and TVs for gamers

The UltraGear brand also introduced a new hybrid gaming speaker in Madrid.

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We missed several of the bigger usual suspects at MWC when we were covering the event in Barcelona a month ago, but when it comes to LG at least we were luckily able to learn about their new gaming-focused gadgets and hardware releases at a separate event in Madrid.

"In 2022, the top of the top of the products we have, we're integrating 4K resolution and 240 Hz into these new 32" monitors", says IT & Gaming Marketing Manager at LG Electronics Luis Pablo Flores in the Gamereactor interview below, explaining how the new UltraGear monitors now sport HDMI 2.1 to support VRR and other console or modern features. The 32-inch variant is the newest addition to the IPS 1 ms lineup, which already included 34" and 38" monitors.


We also took a look at the LG Ergo, a line that actually "released two years ago and has been developing really good. It's the flexibility you're asking for a monitor", says Flores, as its arm adjusts the screen horizontally or vertically as it tries to offer the best layout for design, gaming, etc.

One interesting thing about monitors vs. TVs is how the former grow bigger as the latter shrink to smaller sizes to cater to all tastes in both categories and for different purposes. There's actually no gap nowadays as in LG "we're thinking about releasing a 42" OLED TV this year - that's the new release for gaming (...) monitor is a more personal item and we didn't have the technology on TVs in smaller sizes to be able to interact in this kind of situation".

However, when one wants to go even bigger than the biggest displays, we saw a couple of gamers playing some FIFA matches on the 120" projected by the HU715QW, which was less than a meter away from the wall. As Flores explains, "LG CineBeam is designed to enjoy your video games in a wider screen, to be more immersed", "not so much into the pro gaming section, but to interact more with your friends and family" in more casual and party games.

Some of the aforementioned monitors include integrated speakers, but those are more oriented toward day-to-day use, and as shown in the video LG also had the UltraGear GP9 as their own gaming speaker that works both as a proper under-monitor USB-C speaker and as a standalone Bluetooth speaker you can take with you.

Finally, we talked about how César Azpilicueta's Falcons Esports deal is meant to "prescribe LG's technology" whereas Chelsea FC's current captain "gives us the certainty of a really good team" for a long-term project.

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