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League of Legends

LEC to welcome a live audience for the 2022 Spring Playoff finals

The one-off event is being described as "a cautious step in the right direction".

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Riot Games has revealed that for the 2022 Spring Playoff finals, it will be welcoming a live audience. Set to be a one-off event with a limited number of seats, we're told that this will only be for the grand finals and that the rest of the playoffs will continue to be played behind closed doors.

"Naturally, this is not a complete return to normality, but a cautious step in the right direction," said Riot. "We couldn't be happier to welcome fans back to the home of League of Legends esports in Europe."

As the blog post states, with the LEC Spring 2022 finals being held in the LEC studio, this means that the tournament will be based in Berlin, Germany. If you are interested in attending, tickets are set to go on sale tomorrow (April 1) at 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST.

League of Legends

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