Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Legally deaf/blind player garners interest from Team EnVyUs

Loop was picked on online, and the community rallied behind him.

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Esports can so often produce heartwarming stories, and the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has produced another one for us this week, as reported by PCGamesN. This story has to do with a legally deaf and blind player Adam "Loop" Bahriz who, as explained by Reddit user PDeeee, was bullied when he took to CS:GO online by those who muted him, kicked him from the games, and generally made fun of him.

Some of these teammates apologised on the ESEA forums afterwards. "We thought he was a troll... what would you think if someone came in with a bind text like that, people troll like that all the time," they said. "Instead he should tell the people to check out his Twitch. after I checked his twitch I realised he was for real. I apologise but it was an honest misunderstanding. Lots of people troll in ESEA."

The good news for Loop though is that esports organisation Team EnVyUs has announced via Twitter that they're interested in signing Loop as a streamer, saying: "Hey @FDN_Loop, we want to offer you a contract to stream and represent our team. Let's do this."

Although some have accused Team EnVyUs of doing this just for publicity, Reddit user SpeedyBlueDude said: "Yes, being bullied and getting caught on camera made this kid a success. Yes it's not fair that some Streamers who work hard for years will never reach the level of success Loop has. Yes it's really lucky that the community decided to be nice and donated $10,000+ [USD] in a day to Loop."

"Let him enjoy this s***. Loop is disabled and has a hard life. If we can make it so someone who probably gets looked at like he's weird by strangers in public, can have some enjoyment and success in doing what he loves, let's do it."

"Loop deserves to be happy. Being jealous of a man who's legally deaf, blind, has no nose, and "talks funny" because suddenly Life played him a good hand is petty and pathetic. The community banded together, and did something amazing for a kid who surely needed something like this after all the garbage the community has thrown at him."

So it seems as if the community really got behind Loop when they saw him struggling, and he has taken to Twitter to say: "I'm reading these articles and everytime I get chills and a tear in my eye I can say for the first time that I'm happy with my life."

What other moments have warmed your heart in esports?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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