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Lenovo on a 360º gaming segment and on making Ducati a MotoGP world champion

We talk with Fabio Capocchi about the Legion brand and a wider concept of gaming PCs.

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Gamergy was one of the very few physical events we could attend and cover as of late, and there we stopped by Lenovo's booth to take a look at its latest products and to talk with Fabio Capocchi.

"It's not just for pure gaming, the marketing director at Lenovo Iberia said when asked about the manufacturer's gaming lineup. "We consider that gaming is not just pure entertainment, it's a segment of the market that is 360 degrees, so we approach it from developing a product that should be perfect for winning all the matches our fans want to play on, but on the other side we enable the best technology for those that want to live the gaming world as a professional side, so the part of programming, the part of content creation, the part of video editing... and here we're bringing some part of our knowledge".

At the booth they had the 16-inch Legion 5 Pro, which was "the bright star in this moment" of the brand's lineup, as they market it as "the most-balanced laptop to play games". They also had the RTX 3080-powered, temperature-caring Legion 7, as well as the T5 and T7 gaming PC towers, but most impressive was the recent addition to their monitors leg, the 44-inch, 21:9 Lenovo Legion Y44w, which prints 3840x1200 pixels at 144 Hz.

Yours truly wanted to ride the real Ducati being showcased at the booth's simulator Trinity-style, and in that regard Fabio told us that Lenovo not only is the main sponsor for the Italian manufacturer:

"It's not just the sticker on the motorbike, as we're working with them on a computational data base, so we have servers and in-line PCs that in real time analyse all the data from the bike, and we send back to [the factory at] Borgo Panigale so they can re-simulate all the assets between the qualifying session and the race. And this is showing us that something is good, because Ducati Lenovo MotoGP is now the [teams] World Champion"

Coming back to gaming, Capocchi explained that "the Legion brand is one key asset for Lenovo" besides others such as ThinkPad or Motorola, "because everybody deep in their heart is a gamer". In the full interview below we also talk about mid-range PCs, or esports and their partners at Team Heretics.


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