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World of Warcraft: Classic

Level 60 in WoW: Classic might get you Level 110 boost in BFA

A now-deleted Facebook post claimed this was the case, although questions remain after its disappearance.

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World of Warcraft: Classic has only just released, but already questions are being raised about those reaching the maximum level of 60 in Blizzard's MMO (which has actually already been achieved by JokerdTV), and a Facebook post on the Brazilian World of Warcraft page indicated those hitting the cap would get the Battle for Azeroth Expansion and Level 110 Boost.

That sounds straightforward, but the post has now been deleted, although it was shared for all to see on Wowhead. What does this mean? It's hard to tell, since the post being deleted might indicate that this offer isn't valid.

Would you appreciate this offer?

World of Warcraft: Classic

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