The Wonderful 101

Livestream Replay: The pros and cons of The Wonderful 101

We face both massive enemies and some annoying elements as we check out the new version of the game.

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After funding a lightning-fast Kickstarter campaign and even getting some neat extended goals (such as an orchestral theme), The Wonderful 101 are ready to unite and release on new platforms PC, PS4, and Switch on May 22.

So as a warmup to that, and to remind ourselves what we loved (and a few things that we didn't like so much) about the Wii U original, we just spent two hours with Platinum Games' cult classic.

Check out the video below to see our own David Caballero (together with 100 other companions) facing giant robots, grumpy aliens... and a couple of glitches:

Even though it's not the best time to get together with other people on the street and meet in public places, it might be a good moment to Unite Up! with The Wonderful 101. Don't you agree?

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