London Spitfire are the Overwatch League champions

They dominated Philadelphia Fusion on the final day in Brooklyn.

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Yesterday we witnessed London Spitfire win the first match of the best-of-three grand finals series of the Overwatch League, but today saw both the Spitfire and their opponents Philadelphia Fusion return to Brooklyn's Barclays Center to see who could finally lift the trophy and become the first Overwatch League champion. With DJ Khaled opening the event, and both teams showing a lot of promise yesterday, anticipation was high as things kicked off, and the fans were more than hyped to get on with the action once again.

The first map of the second match was Junkertown, where both teams faced off in an escort battle, and while Fusion pushed all the way to point B relatively comfortably, using a great combo of Orisa and Bastion on the payload, London consistently pushed them off and then parked them successfully before checkpoint C, helped in no small part by a very effective Hanzo Dragon Strike from Profit to clear a ton of Fusion players in a bottleneck.

When it was Spitfire's turn to attack, the whole thing started with a battle between Orisa shields, but the highlights came when Poko's D.Va ultimate helped clear Spitfire out totally, before Profit returned to help clear Fusion out in response. Spitfire continued their push despite the roadblocks along the way, and with 53 eliminations to their name, they came out in the first day looking very impressive as they sealed off the first map.

Heading into control on Lijiang Tower Fusion had something to prove, but it didn't work out for them as Spitfire gained an early lead by capturing the first control point very quickly. Players like Sado were often found separated from the team, and with Fusion so split apart Spitfire could easily shut down attacks. This continued into the second point where Fusion's players were consistently picked off and getting destroyed by the very solid defence of Spitfire. In spite of a great push from Fusion, it wasn't enough, as the second map again went to Spitfire to make it 2-0.

Next up was hybrid on King's Row, and Fusion started on attack. Despite a shaky start, Fusion kept their composure and used Boombox's Roadhog to get into the point and capture the payload, but Spitfire rallied themselves to get a firm hold, courtesy of Profit's explosive Junkrat tires and a solid amount of teamwork. Fusion left it late to push into overtime and get the payload to point B though, but that didn't stop them staying firm to get another overtime yet again, reaching the final checkpoint to the relief of the crowd.

It was then London's turn to attack, and Fusion carried their momentum as they so often do, with Carpe producing an incredible kill that summed up their confident defence of the point. With major hero changes though London came back to capture the point, and despite Doomfist being used to devastating effect by Carpe, Spitfire shut all Fusion's defences down to roll on into checkpoint B and then C, making it a tie-break finisher. This was all Spitfire's to take though, and with a thoroughly impressive attack they became grand champions with a 3-0 that nobody would've expected.

So despite a wobbly season following their victory in Stage 1, Spitfire came back into form in the Overwatch League when it counted, winning the inaugural season with a triumphant last day of the finals. Philadelphia Fusion played incredibly well, but it seems as if Spitfire peaked too much for them to handle, with the likes of Gesture and Profit being impossible to contain, and the latter earning the award for best player in the match too. All that's left to do now is to see what happens in Season Two...

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