London Spitfire remove 4 players from Overwatch League team

The team wants to focus on a smaller starting roster.

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While Overwatch League team London Spitfire won Stage 1 of the competition, they haven't always hit the same heights since, and now the team has announced some roster changes, with four players becoming inactive until the end of the season, although they are remaining on the Spitfire roster until their contracts end or a mutual release is decided.

"We have always sought to maximize the amount of talent flying under our banner, which is how we ended up with eleven members on our roster, all of whom have wowed us throughout the season. This strategy has brought us success, as seen in our Stage One Championship, but has also presented challenges. We know there's a championship-caliber team within our ranks, and our goal is to get it to the stage," the announcement reads.

Despite this, the team's management are now looking to focus on a smaller starting roster to improve their form, and as a result the following players have been designated as inactive:

Hyeon-woo 'HaGoPeun' Jo
Jang-hyeon 'TiZi' Hwang
Seung-hyun 'WooHyaL' Seong
Dong-eun 'Hooreg' Lee

Do you think this is the best decision for the team?

Photo: Overwatch League

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