London Spitfire win first point of the Overwatch League finals

Tomorrow the champion will be crowned.

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We've been busy talking to a ton of players and major figures from the Overwatch League grand finals at yesterday's media day, but today saw the first best-of-five match take place between London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. 11,000 people gathered in the stadium to see key players like Profit, Eqo, and Carpe deliver on the biggest stage, and while Fusion have had a lot of success recently, Spitfire has also tasted it with their Stage 1 win as well, so with the stakes as high as ever, everyone was ready for the first finals of the Overwatch League.

The first map of the finals took us to escort on El Dorado, and here Fusion showed why they're considered favourites by many by coming out really strong. Carpe and Eqo helped their team push consistently to the final checkpoint, and despite going into overtime and meeting some strong resistance from Spitfire, they did eventually manage to get all the way home.

Spitfire came out just as strong (if not more so) when they were attacking, with players Profit, Bdosin, and Gesture all keeping their offence stable, but just like Fusion's attack they also faltered in the late stage, except this time they couldn't reach the final checkpoint. In fact, it took them five minutes of play between points B and C before they went into overtime and eventually conceded the first map to Fusion.

Next up was control on Oasis, where despite impressive performances by the likes of Eqo as Pharah, Spitfire came out and dominated until 99% of the zone was theirs. Fusion did move in to throw a spanner in the works, granted, but it was never enough to truly derail Spitfire, who continued their impressive performance into the second round, where they reclaimed the zone off of Fusion.

With the score tied at one map each, the action moved to Eichenwalde for a round of hybrid, a map that many would've expected Fusion to comfortably claim, but this was not to be. There was a tense back and forth during their attack as both sides fought valiantly, especially considering Spitfire's solid defence, and in fact it took a whole load of overtime to push Fusion out. When defending though, Fusion started a lot stronger and kept the zone on lock for a long time, and although Spitfire left it late to capture the payload, they used this momentum to take it far enough to beat Fusion again.

Spitfire only needed one more map to grab the first point of the best-of-three finals, and on the fourth map the action turned to assault on Volskaya Industries, which looked to be all over very early on as Fusion started out very weak with their composition of three tanks and three supports that Profit helped to decimate, especially with his Hanzo. Eqo and Poko combined for a lovely Zarya and D.Va ultimate combo though to clear A and capture that, but consistent good performances by Profit and his teammates meant that Fusion couldn't get B too.

When Spitfire attacked Fusion also looked strong, locking them out of A for ages as they needed to do, with Carpe and Neptuno looking particularly promising. Poko's D.Va ultimate also cleared things out at B at a vital time, but Profit and Birdring often took matters into their own hands to attack the point, eventually leading to a well-deserved 3-1 final score for the first round.

What do you want to see from tomorrow?

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