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Lords of Exile

Lords of Exile campaign hits Kickstarter

A new solo-developed game is looking for Kickstarter support and the crowdfunding campaign is out now.

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Every now and then a chosen indie game developed by a single person manages to captivate players' minds not only due to the hard, multidisciplinary work these projects involve, but also thanks to how they nail the homage paid to a specific genre in a very personal way. We've seen titles such as Bright Memory and Beyond Extinct this year, but Lords of Exile leans more towards other now-classic solo-developed indies such as Axiom Verge or Cave Story. Could it make it big?

Well, it's up for potential fans to decide, as the game is getting a Kickstarter campaign starting on May 19 to test the waters of the broader audience's interest. Carlos "CZAzuaga" is the Córdoba-based single dev in this case, and the game looks like the missing link between the 8-bit and the 16-bit era (with The Messenger's consent, that's it). Here's the campaign's trailer:

Graphics and gameplay style are naturally reminiscent of classics such as Ghosts 'n Goblins or the original Castlevanias (before the Metroidvania labyrinthian approach). The main character finds itself (but of course) cursed in the lands of Exilia, seeking for revenge against Galagar, who killed his wife.

But the interesting catch here is how the dev combines 8-bit (graphics, SFX, OST) with 16-bit (physics, controls, additional Mega Drive sounds) elements, all in 8 linear levels with their respective fearsome bosses.

Lords of Exile looks pretty finished already and aims to release on PC and consoles in 2020. Are you backing it?

Lords of ExileLords of Exile
Lords of ExileLords of Exile

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