Lost Ember

Lost Ember sees you "play all animal kinds"

The relaxed, exploration game from Mooneye Studios takes you on a quest to discover what happened to humanity.

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We spotted a game from Mooneye Studios called Lost Ember at Gamescom this year, and while we were at the event we actually got to talk with CEO Tobias Graff about what the game is and what exactly you'll be doing on this journey.

"Lost Ember is an exploration adventure game," he started off. "You play a wolf that gets the ability to 'soul wander' as we call it; to possess any animal that you meet in the game. So basically you play all animal kinds on a quest to find out what happened to humankind, because as you find out at the beginning of the game, you are a reincarnation of someone who used to live in this old world, but for some reason you were reborn as an animal, which isn't supposed to happen."

"We don't have any combat in there. It's more like a relaxed exploration game, kind of like Journey, Abzu, those kinds of games. Those are the biggest inspirations for our gameplay, and so it's really about experiencing the story, narrative-driven, and just diving into the world."

You can see gameplay mixed in with the interview below, as well as a trailer for Lost Ember. Does this sound like a nice time?

Lost EmberLost EmberLost Ember

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