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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Luminosity takes the win at the ESL Pro League finals

The Brazilian world champs bring home another trophy after a close series against G2 Esports.

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Brazilian Counter-Strike team Luminosity Gaming - who are about as close to being reigning world champions as you can get within Counter-Strike - added another title and trophy to their record this weekend.

At the ESL Pro League season 3 playoffs in London, the team faced off against French-Belgian side G2 Esports in the finals. G2 has been struggling in recent months, but the team finally clicked at this event.

With the best-of-5 series going the full five maps, both teams posting double-digit round scores in every game, and the final map even going into overtime, it was a close series in every sense of the word.

G2 opened the series with a surprise 16-10 win on Overpass, a map where Luminosity are usually very strong. Luminosity pulled ahead early on Train, the second map, but G2 mounted a comeback and managed to bring the game to 12-12 before the Brazillians closed the game out at 16-13.

The first half on the third map - Cobblestone - was close, but G2 put in a dominant effort in the second half, taking 9 rounds as terrorists while only giving up two, putting the final score at 16-10.

That put victory within G2's reach as the series headed to Dust2. The French-Belgian team started off on the right foot, putting the game at 6-9 in their favour at halftime, but Luminosity brought out all the stops for the second half. Playing on the Terrorist side, they tied the game up at 9-9 and then 10-10, reached map point without giving up any more rounds and closed the game at 16-11.

The final map was a nailbiter, as the teams decended upon Inferno (the ESL Pro League still used the old map pool, as it was current when the league started). G2 and Luminosity took turns taking the lead and tying the scores, bringing the game into overtime. That came out in Luminosity's favour, as they won the game with a 19-16 score and taking the series 3-2.

The win solidifies Luminosity Gaming's position as the team to beat right now. But the finals also speaks to the efforts of G2 Esports, as this was easily their best performance this year. Here's hoping they can keep that form up.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Scott Choucino, ESL

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