Many Black Friday discounts coming to Xbox hardware

Including controllers and consoles.

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With the flood of announcements coming from Microsoft's X018 event in Mexico City during the weekend, some users interested in jumping into the Xbox gaming culture might have missed perhaps the most tempting one for them: the significant price drops to the consoles themselves.

First and foremost, in Europe Microsoft will be offering their more powerful Xbox One X for just €399.99 (€100 discounted), its lowest price tag to date. The official press release limits the offer to next week (meaning November 18-26), but as "dates and prices may vary", we've asked local European Microsoft for specifics.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Creators Bundle also gets a discount of €100, while other triple-A packages such as the Forza Horizon 4 + Xbox One S bundle get about the game's value discounted (€70).

Other than the hardware promotions, Microsoft is also offering a month of Xbox Game Pass for just €1 until the end of the year, so that any users can take a look at the growing 150+ titles available with their subscription service. At X018 this was even revealed to be expanding with big names like PUBG.

Those in North America aren't missing out either, as Xbox has also revealed that they can get a $100 USD discount on select consoles, with the Xbox One X being at its lowest price ever there too. The Minecraft Creators Bundle is getting a discount of $100 as well, with a $70 discount hitting bundles like those containing Forza Horizon 4 and a $10 discount on select controllers from Xbox Design Lab.

UK prices have not yet been announced by Microsoft, but is the Xbox One on your Black Friday wish list?

Many Black Friday discounts coming to Xbox hardware

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