Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers reportedly sold 2.2 million copies digitally in September

If these figures are accurate, it will be Square Enix's second strongest digital launch.

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Crystal Dynamics' new action/RPG game dedicated to the Marvel universe, Marvel's Avengers, has had a fairly mixed reception from both audiences and critics. Yet it appears that sales have been doing quite well - as reported by SuperData - the game digitally sold 2.2 million copies digitally in September.

We cannot define them as official data, given that there's no confirmation from Square Enix, but if these numbers are confirmed, Marvel's Avengers is the second-best launch in Square Enix's history digitally, after, of course, Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

Just a few days ago, Crystal Dynamics announced that it's working hard on a massive update, aimed at adding changes and new content in order to bring players back online, after seeing a sharp decline. Finally, we also know that the studio is also working on next-gen versions of the game, delayed to 2021 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X, so we hope that the player community will soon find some interest in the experience.

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Marvel's Avengers

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