Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will miss one piece of DLC

Pinnacle Station won't be remastered.

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Bioware had pretty much just good news for us when we finally got the first real trailer and specific details about Mass Effect Legendary Edition yesterday, but now it's time for some disappointing news. Turns out, there's a reason why the studio said "more than 40 pieces of DLC" and not "all DLC" when talking about the remastered collection.

Mac Walters, Mass Effect Legendary Edition's game director, confirms in an interview with Game Informer that Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station won't be included as part of the remasters. This is because the code Demiurge, the developers of the expansion, sent over contained almost all corrupted data and was even missing vital links, so the only alternative would have been to remake it from the ground up. Not exactly a realistic option, as it would have taken them another six months of development and made this anticipated collection a lot more expensive to make.

Personally, I'm not complaining about Pinnacle Station and the multiplayer missing, as that expansion is on the weaker end, in my opinion, and the Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was just a bit of extra fun while it lasted. What do you think?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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