Skylanders Trap Team

Massive sales for Skylanders figurines

Outsold the #1 action figure line.

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The sales of action figures for Activision's Skylanders games appears to have reached massive proportions. In Activision's quarterly report to the shareholders, they write:

"In North America and Europe combined, for the first nine months of 2014, Activision Publishing's Skylanders SWAP Force™ was the #4 best-selling console and handheld game overall in dollars, and in North America and Europe, Skylanders toys outsold the #1 action figure line."

It's a little bit unclear which figure line that is the best selling right now, but Transformers or the evergreen Star Wars is probably a good guess. Regardless, this is highly impressive of course and a sign that Skylanders isn't going anywhere. And since the games are quality entertainment, we aren't exactly complaining...

Skylanders Trap Team

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