Halo Infinite

Master Chief adorns the retail box for Xbox Series X

The iconic hero is still a part of the console's launch, even if it is in such a small capacity.

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A few weeks ago, we revealed what the retail box for Xbox Series X looked like, and we've included the image below as well. But the box has a backside as well, which yesterday was revealed by EB Games in Canada.

Normally, that would not have warranted a news piece as there is usually just a list over what's included and general information - but in this case, it turns out that it is 100% dominated by Halo Infinite. As you know, it was officially delayed until next year, and this was probably designed and decided before that.

This means you will get a little bit of Halo love with your brand new Xbox Series X after all, although not playable at all.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

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