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Men of War II

Men of War II has just been announced

Best Way is back as the developer of the series.

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It was just revealed at the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 that 1C Entertainment is working with Best Way to bring a direct sequel to the 2009 strategy game Men of War. Set to be known as Men of War II, the real-time strategy game will be coming to PC (via Steam) in 2022.

Set to feature two campaigns, based around the Allies and the Soviets, the strategy title will be playable either solo or with up to five players as part of multiplayer or its cooperative modes. We're also told that Men of War II will feature a variety of new mechanics including Direct Vision, which allows players to take a first-person perspective view of their units.

The biggest upgrade however comes in the Front Line mechanic, which overhauls the strategy design of the game significantly. Now, opposing sides will fight over a battlefield defined by two territories, where you can only place units, repair vehicles, heal troops, etc. when on your own side of the Front Line. The Front Line itself can also be extended by having infantry advance into enemy territory, allowing you to become more aggressive with where you summon units.

But, that's not all that will be coming as part of this game, as Best Way has noted that Men of War II will also receive full mod support, allowing players to create their own scenarios and battles with a specially designed modding toolset.

"Men of War II has an emphasis on tactical decision-making, engaging campaigns, and most importantly, historical accuracy, " said Nikolay Barishnikov, CEO at 1C Entertainment. "We want to give players the most authentic and entertaining experience possible. With our destructible environments, plethora of units to choose from, and full mod support, aspiring commanders can experience WWII on their own terms."

There's no mention as to when exactly Men of War II will launch in 2022, but we do have a reveal trailer, which you can view below. Be sure to also read our First Look article on the game here as well.

Men of War II

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