Meridian: Squad 22

Meridian Squad 22 hits Early Access today

You can pick up the sequel to Meridian New World now, and help out during development.

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Meridian: Squad 22, the sequel to Meridian: New World, has been released on Steam Early Access from today. The game is a single-player RTS, that has its main focus on base building and strategy. The last game in the series was generally well-received, but suffered from some major control and UI drawbacks that put many players off.

The new Meridian title will be making a short stay in Early Access on Steam, allowing it to hopefully get player feedbacks so the glaring issues of the last game won't be repeated this time around. The game is available now for $9.99, or your equivalent. Those wishing to get the game might consider buying it during the early access period, as there are talks of the price being increased on its full release.

Meridian: Squad 22
Meridian: Squad 22Meridian: Squad 22Meridian: Squad 22Meridian: Squad 22

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