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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gets New Game+ in the Ranger Update

In-game commentary and more unlocked in a new 6GB update, which is available to download right now.

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4A Games just lifted the lid on the big update that has dropped for Metro Exodus, confirming that the 6GB patch is out now and comes complete with a New Game+ mode, among other things.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the so-called Ranger Update, you can access the full patch notes via this blog post, however, we've included the broad strokes below to keep things simple for those who just want a basic overview.

Obviously, the big inclusion is the New Game+ mode that has been added, which lets players restart the game with the weapons and gear that were unlocked in the first pass. Players will also be able to tweak a number of in-game variables, and there are new achievements for all you trophy hunters out there, as well as new in-game collectibles.

Also included in the New Game+ is a developer commentary of sorts, as hidden around the world are special tape players that contain dev discussions on various design choices. We've also been promised improved controller responsiveness, new control options on console, and general quality of life improvements.

Digging into the options linked to the New Game+, players can tweak settings relating to their weapons (such as limiting you to one weapon slot, giving you the crossbow at the start, and placing limitations on your backpack), the enemies they encounter (such as making them tougher), and there are various environmental effects to adjust. There's even an Iron Mode with saves turned off (apart from between missions), for those who thought the game's mutated beasts were a bit too cuddly during their first play-through.

Metro Exodus

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