Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition coming this Spring
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition coming this Spring

More details have also been provided on the next-gen console versions.

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4A Games has recently released a blog post further expanding on the previously announced next-gen versions of Metro Exodus. As part of the post, the developer also revealed a new PC Enhanced Edition of the game, set to release later this year.

This new version is slated to be for "high-end PC hardware with Ray Tracing capable Nvidia and AMD GPUs and implementing DLSS 2.0 for the ultimate PC experience." Essentially, this seems to be the next-gen version of PC Metro Exodus, which could be very exciting if you have the hardware to run such a game, especially since it will require a Ray Tracing enabled GPU as the minimum spec.

4A Games did also state that this PC Enhanced Version will be free to all owners of Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG, and will even release this Spring - although no official date has been mentioned as of yet.

The post did also look over the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game again. The title is expected to run at 4K / 60fps with full Ray Tracing lighting effects on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and will also feature faster loading times, 4K texture packs, various spatial audio systems depending on the console, and even support for haptic feedback on the DualSense controller. The Xbox Series S version on the other hand is aiming for 1080p, but should run at 60 fps with full Ray Tracing effects enabled.

A field-of-view slider is also incoming for the first time in a Metro game on console, alongside various other quality of life changes.

As with the PC Enhanced Edition, this next-gen upgrade will be free to previous Metro Exodus owners, provided you stay in the same family of consoles. You can check out the image below to see the differences between the next-gen console and PC Enhanced Edition, alongside a screenshot captured in the PC Enhanced Edition.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

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