Red Dead Redemption

Microsoft explains Red Dead Redemption Xbox One appearance

Test environment publicly available by accident.

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Red Dead Redemption was briefly available to play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility over the weekend and it is not accessible anymore. For those lucky folks who managed to install and play the digital version of the game it now prompts an update which is not available so the game won't start anymore.

Microsofts own Major Nelson adressed the issue over at Reddit to explain the chaos. "Microsoft tests all Xbox 360 games with our emulator to ensure a quality experience across a breadth of titles. Due to an error, some of the games currently in test were accidentally made available. We have since removed access to those games, and apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We will have more information on upcoming releases soon."

This means we will most likely get Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, just not right now.

Red Dead Redemption

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