Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been awarded by a science magazine

The flight sim has gained recognition even beyond the gaming world.

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We gave Microsoft Flight Simulator a very high grade (our collegues in Denmark even went for the top score) in our review. And it is an excellent game, but perhaps the most impressive thing with it, is how it actually lets you visit the whole world without any loading, authentic weather, real physics and graphics to die for.

In many ways, it is a huge technological undertaking, and now we've got a receipt of exactly just that. It is the magazine Popular Science that has ranked all the greatest innovations of 2020, and it includes Microsoft Flight Simulator. The motivation reads:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has made flying more fraught for everyone. But armchair aviators who have a hankering to climb into a cockpit received a new outlet this year in the form of a jumbo-jet-sized new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator—the first since 2006. Artificial intelligence helped create some of the game's gorgeous graphics, like the shapes of buildings, and a new method of simulating flight made the plane's motion through space more lifelike than ever. Players can now take a seat in the cockpit of craft like a Cessna 172 or even a Boeing Dreamliner—no flight lessons needed."

We can only agree with this conclusion, and it is always fun to see our beloved games getting the recognition they deserve.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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