Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator might end up on Xbox One

This version of the game is currently up in the air.

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One of the most demanding games out there is Microsoft Flight Simulator. It will surely be a tough game to run for Xbox Series S/X, which is coming this summer, but an Xbox One version seems to be up in the air (joke intended).

Now the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, has commented more about this, and says to Eurogamer:

"Obviously memory matters. Certainly on Ultra settings, you need a big PC - well, that's a lot, lot more memory than what you had on an Xbox One. So it's a journey, like most things, you know - let's get the Xbox Series X and S versions done, and then we'll look ahead after that. We never close doors, and there are other options, though it's a little bit too early to talk about it."

Basically, it still might be released for Xbox One, but probably not in a traditional way. We assume streaming via xCloud might be on of the options Neumann is thinking of.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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