Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches over two million players

Microsoft also released a handy infographic to show some insight into our flying habits.

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When Xbox Game Studios finally decided to bring Microsoft Flight Simulator back, they spared no expenses to make it a stand-out game. It literally allows you to fly across the entire world, experience authentic weather, real physics and ground breaking graphics.

This led to some really high grades, and a bigger than expected audience for such a niche title. We reported back in September that the game had reached more than one million players, and since then the number has been increasing.

Now, Microsoft has announced that more than two million gamers have been flying somewhere since the launch - and that's for PC only as the Xbox Series S/X version isn't launching until summer. Microsoft flight simulator is also getting VR support on December 23, which is also expected to boost the number of players.

Here's an infographic shared by Asobo Studio and Microsoft that gives some insight about our flying habits. It seems like gamers still haven't been everywhere on the planet, that Heathrow is a very popular place to visit and that New York still is the city to fly to when we get the chance to go anywhere we want.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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